AOT Growth and Innovation ETF

A High Quality Growth Portfolio Embracing Low Marginal Cost Companies.


AOT Invest selects innovative companies which seek to significantly grow their revenues and earnings. AOT also believes companies whose products or services have low marginal cost attributes will be able to achieve above average growth and profit margins in the future.  AOT targets industries projected to grow significantly over the next 5 to 10 years. Within those industries, AOT seeks to invest in innovative market leaders who are growing their revenues or earnings and whose products or services could be described as having low marginal cost qualities. Marginal Cost is defined as the cost added by producing one additional unit of a product or service. By having a low marginal cost, a firm may be able to sell its product or service at a much higher price than the cost it took to produce the additional product or service, achieving a significant profit on new sales. Thorough fundamental analysis is made to weigh valuation metrics with growth of each company so that the greatest investment opportunities in AOT’s opinion are selected. Thus, AOT selects innovative companies well positioned in expanding industries, that are both reasonably valued and have low marginal cost qualities. AOT expects that such companies will not only significantly increase their revenues, but that their earnings will increase at even greater rate than revenue. Over time, AOT believes this revenue and earnings growth will ultimately lead to above average share price appreciation for these companies and the AOT Growth and Innovation ETF.

Fund Objective

The AOT Growth and Innovation ETF seeks long-term capital appreciation.

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